Let Us Make Donations on Your Behalf  

Want to donate to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga's athletic department but don’t have the extra cash? We’ve got you covered.

With the TapNPay+ app, you get to donate to your school's athletic department…at no extra cost to you.* You can 
choose from over 300 major retailers like Lowes, Chipotle, Airbnb, Instacart, CVS, and Applebee’s. 

Each time you pay for your purchase, we’ll donate to your school's athletic department.

That’s right! You go on purchasing the goods you buy daily. But instead of paying with cash or other e-wallets, you pay with TapNPay+.

You can be generous…without the extra expense to you.*

I always think about donating to my school, but just couldn’t find the time… but with TapNPay+ they make the donations for me while I just shop for things I normally would, it’s awesome! Go Mocs! 
- G. Adams

You Shop, We Donate. Get Started!

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*There is a $20 Registration Fee that gets donated to your school's athletic department!